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Chefs Gusto Chutney

  • Chefs Gusto Chutney

    Crushingly Good!

  • What a delicious accompaniment to any dish! These chutney’s are just the most flavoursome addition to any pantry.

    Based on the secret recipes of local chef John Walker who offered up his collection of old family recipes.

    We take advantage of fresh, seasonal regional produce when it’s in its prime, for use in our chutneys.

    During a guided tour, you’ll be invited to have a taste of all Chefs Gusto range of gourmet sauces, relishes and chutneys.

    Purchase from our gift shop or from over 55 retail outlets within the region.

  • Traditional Mango Chutney

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      Inspiring, refreshing.  Mild Mango Tango.  We love it! 

  • Asian Style Mango Chutney

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    A hint of North Queensland and a dollop of the far east. We love it! 

  • Onion Relish

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    Its all about balance, the spices and turning the corner and finding delightful surprises.  We love it! 

  • Tomato Relish

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    More than just Tomato Relish – its oozing hot dogs, doorstop sandwiches and chip-dipping heaven.  We love it! 

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