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Sarina Liqueurs

  • Liqueurs, Schnapps & Ginger Beer

    Developed by the Sarina Sugar Shed and loved by all who sample it.

  • Sarina Sugar Shed’s miniature distillery produces a range of exceptional, award winning liqueurs, premium quality rum and sweetly-spiced non-alcoholic ginger beer.

    The fulsome flavours are attributed to our unique caramelisation techniques, the hand milling process and the local ingredients used to create our hand crafted sugar syrup base.

    Both distilled and bottled on site.

    Available to buy from our cellar door.

  • Mango Rum Liqueur

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    Sarina Mango Rum Liqueur a true taste of Queensland.

    Available in:

      50ml & 375ml  bottles

  • Rum Liqueur

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    Our most popular product. A delicious blend of chocolate and coffee flavours. 

    Available in:

      50ml  & 375ml  bottles

  • Vodka

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     The perfect drop on ice or served with traditional orange juice. 

    Available in:

    50ml bottles  – 38% alcohol/vol.

  • Mango Schnapps

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      The tropical mango flavours make this a perfect summer drink.

    Available in:

      50ml bottles

  • Butterscotch Schnapps

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    Sarina Butterscotch Schnapps carefully prepared from  syrups and molasses.   

    Available in:

      50, 200, 375, & 500ml bottles

  • Ginger Beer

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    An alcohol free ginger beer brewed from a five generation old recipe.  

    Chilled, this drink is loved by everyone who tries it.


  • NOI Lime / Mandarin (NOI - Nice Over Ice)

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    A refreshing lime flavoured summer drink .  

    Available in:

      50 & 375ml bottles. 20% Alc

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