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Sugar Shed Rum

  • Award Winning Rum

    Our miniature distillery punches way above its weight when it comes to quality !

  • Sugar Shed Rum is one of a kind; fashioned from Queensland famous Sarina sugar cane.  Our story is told through its flavour – original, exciting, refined. As Australia’s only miniature sugar mill and boutique distillery our unique ability to produce the pure syrup that goes into our rum makes
    every drop simply delicious.

    Sugar Shed Under Proof Rum and Rum Liqueur products are now considered some of the best in the country after winning bronze at the Australian Distillers Awards in March 2015.

    We celebrate the provenance of Sugar Shed Rum via the unique combination of our soil, climate, skill and our distinctive miniature milling process. This process produces a high quality sugar syrup base for our distillery creating an absolutely unique flavour that is reflective of our region.

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